Thursday, December 09, 2010

Adventures of a 10 month old

Duke will be turning 10 months old in a few days, and he has just cut two top middle teeth today, bringing his grand total to 4 teeth (others are on the bottom middle). I heard him grinding his teeth this evening and thought, that's a new noise...wait a can't grind teeth when you only have teeth on the bottom!!! :O

He also has begun waving "bye-bye" this week. He gets just as excited as we do when he masters a new skill. So much fun to watch him grin and giggle with delight.

Duke has mastered crawling now, and is standing effortlessly for long periods of time, while holding onto a piece of furniture. Sometimes he'll let go with one or both hands to show off for a few seconds. Lauren was walking at 10 months, so it looks like she has a competitive brother who wants to do no less than match his sister's skills.

Duke has a few words that he says daily. His favorite word (and person) by far is "DaDa". He also says "MaMa", "LaLa" (Lauren), "NaNa" (milk), "aw wa wa" (I love you) seriously, if we tell him we love him, he says these 3 sylables back, and sometimes shows us the ASL sign for I love you (his version, of course). :)

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Todd said...

How many teeth NOW?